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Monday, June 13, 2005

Home Again

We are home from Las Vegas and no, we didn't elope!
We had alot of fun, although it was definitely not enough time. We barely made it past the midpoint of the strip. We started from our end (the Luxor) and made our way down the strip, stopping in nearly every casino on the way. That was in part because it was so hot and the casinos were nicely air conditioned and part because we were just curious what each different place had in store. The prettiest ones (that we saw) were probably the MGM Grand and the Bellagio. The Wynn was also lovely, but that may have been thanks to the fact that it is brand new and still shiny.

* E and I shared a strawberry daiquiri in a container shapped like the Eiffel Tower, from (of course) the Paris casino. It was yummy and made us both a little tipsy. I liked the funny looks people gave us as we carried it around. Two different casino personnel asked me if I drank it all myself.

* The Slot machines!!!! I just love the pretty blinking lights and the fun noises they make. The Jade Monkey was good to me and E likes Cops and Donuts.

* E's fabulous string of wins at the Blackjack tables. His philosophy: leave while you are ahead. A good lesson for all you gamblers out there!!

* I got carded four times. Grrr. I supposed it could have been more, so I shouldn't complain.

I will post more interesting stories soon. I am too tired to think.


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