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Thursday, September 29, 2005

100 Things About Me

1. I have a cat named Simba.
2. He likes to meow alot.
3. I like sports; especially baseball and basketball.
4. I like going to the movies.
5. I like the movies the most when there aren't that many other people there.
6. Everytime I go to the movies a loud person sits behind me.
7. My favorite movie is the Princess Bride.
8. My second favorite movie is Field of Dreams.
9. I never saw either of them in the theater.
10. I would like Reese Witherspoon or Drew Barrymore to play me in a movie.
11. The longest I have ever run at one time is 13.1 miles.
12. My reward was a penguin medal.
13. I want to have a pet penguin one day.
14. My dream would be to own a farm with llamas.
15. Law school was the most miserable three years of my life.
16. I can't believe I had to pay almost $100,000 for that torture.
17. I currently read over 100 blogs.
18. Even though I subscribe to Bloglines, I obsessively check some of those blogs, just in case bloglines is being slow.
19. I like getting flowers.
20. Daisies are my favorite flower.
21. I have four tattoos.
22. My favorite TV show is the People's Court.
23. All my favorite TV shows always get cancelled.
24. I once got a handwritten letter from someone at NBC when I wrote a protest letter for the canceling of "I'll Fly Away."
25. My letter was in the form of a poem.
26. I also wrote a complaint letter in the form of a poem to the Detroit Tigers.
27. That poem got me a Tigers planner.
28. I have been a bridesmaid in two weddings.
29. The toasts I gave in both were poems.
30. I express myself better in writing than in speaking.
31. I like making lists.
32. I have two nephews that I adore.
33. They live too far away.
34. I love to spoil them.
35. I am the youngest of four.
36. I was/am spoiled.
37. Until I went to college I never tried chinese food or bagels.
38. Sesame chicken is one of my favorite meals.
39. I love bagels.
40. I only recently began to like bananas.
41. I love my Ipod.
42. I wish there was a four day work week.
43. I have found that the older I get, the more emotional of a person I become.
44. My fiance and I met at a volunteer project.
45. We haven't spent more than three days apart since then.
46. Even though I don't think it is possible, I love him a little more each day.
47. He has been to every one of my races since I started this running thing.
48. I own two medals.
49. I would wear them around to places if I could.
50. The first car I was allowed to drive on a regular basis was a Chevy Sprint.
51. It sounded like one of those cars at the amusement park.
52. My brother first taught me to drive in our parents' driveway.
53. He later tried to teach me to drive a stick shift, but that didn't go so well.
54. I don't own a car, but am allowed to use Prince E's beloved Mr. Car.
55. I wish I rode my bicycle more often.
56. I only applied to one college.
57. I didn't want to go anywhere else.
58. I applied to 9 law schools.
59. I am glad I decided to move to Chicago.
60. I hate worrying about money.
61. I worry alot.
62. Sometimes my worrying affects my sleep.
63. I can type very quickly, but am often inaccurate.
64. I love to bake.
65. I can almost make my mom/grandma's cookie recipe as well as they do/did.
66. I am currently reading 9 books.
67. I have a bad habit of getting 3/4 through a book and then stopping.
68. I have a caffeine addiction.
69. I am trying to learn how to cook.
70. My favorite thing in the kitchen is my stand mixer.
71. It is red to match my pots and pans.
72. I love peanut butter.
73. I could live the rest of my life just eating bread and applesauce.
74. I do not like fish.
75. When I was nine, my bedroom was pink.
76. I hated pink for the next 17 years.
77. I love pink.
78. I did not watch the NFL until I moved to Chicago.
79. Consequently, my favorite NFL team is the Bears.
80. I can't think of 100 things so I am going to stop at 81.
81. I am happy that you read my list!
82. I decided it was time to finish this list.
83. I have been quoted in three different newspapers.
84. When I was younger we had a pet goat.
85. We also had pet chickens and pet ducks.
86. I would like a pet chinchilla.
87. I cannot have just one glass of lemonade.
88. I like pink lemonade better.
89. I am afraid of becoming a soccer mom.
90. I like watching fireworks.
91. I prefer watching them from my apartment window, because there are no people, it is not too loud.
92. I watch too much television.
93. I like to buy things.
94. I have a lot of debt.
95. I am looking forward to being Mrs. Prince E.
96. Simba is giving himself a bath right now.
97. I plan on purple wearing tennis shoes under my wedding dress.
98. I considered not returning from my honeymoon, but I would miss Simba.
99. I think Simba would like Hawaii.
100. I am glad I managed to finish this, even though I started in September and am finishing it in July.


  • Ok things you could add to your list

    You have gotten every tattoo in Chicago with your sister.

    You spent a good portion of your life being Kathy's little sister.

    Your nickname is kiki.

    You love bubble wrap.

    You used to be messy, not you just need to be a bit more organized.

    I can think of more if you need me to.

    By Blogger Kiki, at 6:15 PM  

  • I found that thoroughly entertaining :-)

    By Blogger Dog Lover, at 9:14 PM  

  • I loved your list...

    You like to collect bags

    You had a stuffed animal named Pooh that you probably still had in your bed until Prince E

    Prince E is lucky that Randy Travis did not get you first

    By Blogger kikis' sister, at 8:47 AM  

  • i;ve been working on my list for 3 months. I'm only to 75!

    By Blogger Cassie (TIGGS), at 9:27 AM  

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