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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Loop the Loop

The race today was pretty good in terms of running, but the course kinda sucked. It took us into the near west side, which was a mixture of smells: chocolate factory (yum!), industrial and garbage (not so yum). Also, the traffic wasn't as blocked off as I would like. A SUV turned out of a townhouse parking lot behind me (going the other way, thankfully). Also, there was debris in the road and somewhat treacherous terrain. I managed to finish in about 31 minutes, 40 seconds, which I was very happy with, given my lack of training. The post-race snacks were probably the best I have had: giant cookies, cold stone creamery ice cream, and yummy vitamin water (my new best friend). Luckily Dotsie the Clown wasn't as scary as I thought she would be and I only saw her briefly before the race.


  • maybe i can try some vitamin water when you are home i've never had it....

    By Anonymous kiki, at 5:31 PM  

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