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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

For some reason, it didn't make me weightless....

A couple of weeks ago, E and I went the Museum of Science and Industry. I bought some astronaut ice cream. It is freeze-dried Neapolitan flavored. We devoured it pretty quickly. I liked the strawberry parts the best. I remember having some when I was little and my school group went to the space center in Jackson, Michigan, which is what inspired me to buy it.

While at the museum, we went to the Body Worlds exhibit. Very interesting, but a little disturbing. They used plastinated cadavers to show the various interior parts of the body (blood vessels, organs, etc). I would recommend it, although you should know going in that you may get grossed out. I knew ahead of time that there was a woman on display that had died while eight months pregnant, but even knowing that, it didn't really prepare me for when I saw it. Still, though, I think most people would find it interesting. It is a traveling exhibit, so it may be coming to a museum near you! (yb: it is coming to Philly soon!)


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