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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Maybe I should have worn a hat

Yesterday it was four months to the wedding, which of course caused me to have another wedding dream. In this one, for some reason I forgot to get my hair done or get dressed, so my mom and sisters and I were in the back of a church putting on my dress. Then I tried to create my own up-do. I looked into the church and saw that the ceremony was going on without me! I didn't mind too much, though, because it looked like a long religious ceremony and I would have been bored.

After telling Prince E about the dream this morning, he assured me that the ceremony could not start without me. What a relief.

I also blame My Fair Brady, which I watched on TiVo last night, for the church part of the dream. In that episode they were looking for wedding locations and were in a pretty church. What is funny about the show is that they were planning the wedding in Joliet, Illinois and the reception site they picked is where a friend of mine got married. How many people can say they had their wedding reception the same place as Peter Brady?


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