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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Miniature Golf Champion

I had a rather successful day at miniature golf. I beat E by SIX strokes!! I can gloat because he never reads this blog anyway. In fact, he is sitting at his computer next to me, playing with Sim City, completely oblivious to the fact that I am over celebrating my golfing triumph. I even had a hole in one! The course was very fun, with lots of hills and fake river rapids. Not like that crappy course back home where the whole thing is flat.

We spent a few hours today checking out Sam's Club and Costco, trying to decide which one to join (in order to put our new freezer to good use). We spent alot of time in each and I definitely like Costco better. Well, for one, the free samples were WAY better: pizza, ben & jerry's ice cream, cinnamon soft pretzels! Yum! The prices seemed nearly identical, so I think we are going to go with Costco. It just had a nicer feel to it, too.

I am looking forward to seeing if Danica can kick some butt over at Indy tomorrow. I can't believe the crap that Robby Gordon was spewing today. He contends that the reason that Danica is successful is that she weighs 100 pounds, making her car lighter. Well, I guess she deserves one benefit for being a woman. She also probably has 1/2 the bladder capacity as you do, Robby. Care to make the trade?


  • congrats on the miniature golf!
    it sounds like a fun course.

    By Blogger YM, at 8:26 PM  

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