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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Laundry Room Drama

As the summer sun beats down on my pretty head, my hair becomes lighter and lighter. This may help explain the little laundry room fiasco that occurred last night.

I took my cart, as usual, full of my clothes. I don't like lugging it up and down the elevator, so I usually just stash it somewhere until the clothes are dry and I can load it up again. This time, I picked a spot near the window. When I came down later to get the clothes from the dryer, I was horribly annoyed that someone had moved my cart. The nerve! Just because they wanted my spot gave them no right to move my cart. With no one around to yell at, though, I just loaded the clothes and went upstairs.

A few minutes later, after I dumped the clothes onto the bed, I tried to collapse the cart and latch it. Then I realize the latch was missing!! Not only did they move my cart, but they broke the latch off! I ran back down (via the elevator of course) to see if I could find the latch. At some point, though, a creeping doubt entered my mind. Was that really my cart? It seemed a little shiner than I remember. The covering over the handle wasn't cracked like mine. Hmm.

My suspicions were confirmed when I got to the laundry room and saw my cart, still by the window. I was a thief!! I quickly ran to the elevator again. (Luckily I had been trying out my new running shoes). Of course the elevator was painfully slow in arriving and the journey up was slow as well. Once I reached my floor, I ran down the hall and retrieved the cart and ran back to the elevator. The whole ride down I was thinking "I did not have intent to steal. It is not theft without intent to steal. I did not have intent to steal."

I got back into the laundry room and there was a woman folding clothes. I panicked briefly, wondering if it was her cart. I quickly put it back where I found it, grabbed my cart, and went back upstairs. That was exhausting.


  • i couldn't wait till the end to see what happened :-)

    By Blogger Dog Lover, at 9:44 PM  

  • I will represent you... I liked your indignation at someone breaking your cart-sounds like me..

    By Blogger kikis' sister, at 12:34 PM  

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