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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Home Sweet Home.

I awoke at 4am this morning and my dad kindly drove me to the friendly little regional airport. And we were both in good moods surprisingly. I arrived at the airport at 4:45. The ticket counter did not open until 5am. I have not had to wait at a ticket counter in probably 4 years. Since the airline switched me to this morning's flight after last night's was cancelled (due to "an air traffic control issue at O'Hare"), I wasn't able to print my boarding pass from home. And the little airport doesn't have check-in kiosks. After going through the grueling security line (note: sarcasm; there was no line), I arrived at my gate. It amazes me that the airport has this little room that people go into to smoke. If you look at the glass enclosed room it looks like it is filled with fog. I saw a sign that said that the terminal was now equipped with Wi-Fi. I found this surprising considering the small, antiquated nature of the whole airport. Then I noticed that they charged for usage. Not quite as hip as they think they are.

After an uneventful flight I arrived in Chicago. (yay!). Prince E, who works near the airport, picked me up at 6:30am Chicago time. (I think he is now eligible for early sainthood status). He took me to breakfast, allowed me to store my luggage in the car, and dropped me at the CTA station. After a 40 minute train ride I arrived at the office. Of course I didn't have my ID badge, because I had not planned on going to work without going home first. Luckily another woman that works early was entering the office at the time I arrived and she let me in. Otherwise I may have had to wait until the receptionist got there at 9am. I managed to stay at work for 1/2 a day. Impressive I think. Have you ever heard of the studies done that equate sleep deprivation with being drunk? So true. I actually stumbled (almost into the wall) on my way to the bathroom. That was when I knew it was time to go home. I am feeling refreshed after a nice two hour nap. Just one more day of work and then three day weekend!

Check out what Simba did to my lovely Christmas display while I was gone.

He was however happy to meet the new addition to the family, Lenny the Llama.

Happy New Year Everyone!


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