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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Where did everyone go?

I had another wedding-related dream last night. This time I was at the reception, which was apparently over, and I didn't remember anything about it. I walked around and asked over and over again "Is it over? Is it over?"

I could not remember who was at the wedding, if the photographer had shown up, if my friends were there, or any details at all. My mom was in the dream and she told me the wedding was over and she was furious with the DJ because he charged me an extra $100 because he went into overtime by one second!

I do not know where the Prince was or anyone one else for that matter. The only other person in the dream was my oldest sister, who was drunk. Apparently the Prince's friend had been giving her a lot of alcohol. For some reason I was wearing the bridesmaid dress that I wore to my other sister's wedding.

Maybe I should stop watching wedding shows on television. Although I love them. Especially Bridezillas because it makes me feel better because I am not as psycho as they are. At least not yet.


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