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Friday, August 18, 2006

Party time!

Tomorrow is my bridal shower! I am taking my wedding dress to my parents’ house so that my mom and sister can finally see me in it. (Don’t worry sister #2, we will take a photo for you!). Luckily I think I am finally getting over the cold that kept me home from work earlier this week. Of course, now the Prince has it so it should be a fun drive to Michigan.

I am also taking some things home with me so that my parents can bear some of the load of transporting things to the wedding site when the time comes. Prince E and I will have his mom and aunt in our car, along with my dress, his tuxedo, and luggage for all four of us, and I am worried all the favors, decorations, etc. won’t fit in our car (even though we are renting an SUV for the wedding weekend. I can’t kill the environment in one weekend can I?)

I remember earlier this year thinking that my bridal shower sounded so far away (in time, not distance) and now it is here. Of course that means it is only six weeks to the wedding. Oddly I am not stressed about it at all, as the stress from work is currently greater, so I can just focus on that. Plus, I am a big planner-ahead-er (new word), so I am done with a lot of things way ahead of schedule.

Talk to me again in about a month and then we can see if I am stressed.


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