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Monday, July 31, 2006

The Move

We are finally all moved into our new place in the suburbs. I took the day off. I needed it. Here are some highlights from the weekend.

* I lost my cell phone.

* We had to make four trips over the course of the weekend. All of our things did not fit into the moving truck. We have too many things.

* At various times during the multiple trips, we had three vehicles driving towards us, going the wrong way down a one way street (one civilian, two emergency vehicles, one of which did not bother to turn on his siren before pulling out in front of us)

* We spent about 8 hours cleaning the old place on Sunday. I think steam cleaning carpets is fun. Maybe I should quit my job and work for Stanley Steamer.

* I have 8 bruises, 4 cuts, and 1 puncture wound from a piece of glass.

* I feel like I have been lifting weights all weekend. Wait, I have!

* Did I mention it was in the upper 90s all weekend?

* When I turned in my keys at my old place, I accidentally gave her my NEW mail key, so I have to go back to the old place to pick it up.

Things I like about the new place:

* Simba has lots of room to run around and enjoys watching birds out our window.

* It is really big in comparison to our last place.

* We have exciting digital cable, which means I may never leave the apartment.

* The elevator is fast and there are only three floors, so I can take the stairs when I feel like it.

* I have a nice neighbor that found my cell phone and turned it in to the rental office.

* When Prince E leaves work, it only takes him 10 minutes to get home, instead of 75-90 minutes.

Pictures of the new place to come, as well as the last photos from the old place, once my computer is hooked up.


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