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Monday, April 04, 2005

Happy Day!

Well all my worrying seems unnecessary now and frankly I feel a little silly about it. Although, apparently, pre-race nerves are quite common.
I started the race with a reasonable goal of one hour and running as much as I could.
From the second I crossed the start line, I knew it would be a great run. My mind said "This is going to be fun" and my body, luckily, agreed.
The course was awesome, going all throughout the city in a big pack of 20,000+ runners. It was like nothing I have ever experienced
There were groups of people cheering us on the whole way. One of the el train conductors honked and waved as we passed under the track.
Not to say that is was all easy. The last mile was rough, in the bright sunlight, with a giant hill at the very end.
But I did it. Happily. And without walking. In 52 minutes, 28 seconds...
Happy Day.


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