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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Running Slowly

My half-marathon training schedule called for 30 minutes running easy today. So I forced myself to run slowly. Not that my usual 10 minute per mile pace is breaking any land speed records, but I slowed myself considerably today. There is definitely an argument for running slowly. I didn't feel out of breath. I didn't find myself looking around for a drinking fountain. I could pay more attention to the cute babies and puppies that populate the lakefront. That being said, it had its downside too. I had to keep forcing myself to slow down. My body wanted to take flight at several points, but I had to hold back. When other runners passed me by, I wanted to call out: "No, really, I am faster than this!! I swear!! Wait, come back!!!" At one point, I could have sworn that a trio of senior citizens with walkers were breathing down my neck. I sped up just a little to avoid them passing me. (although I am sure they couldn't have, the thought was just too much to bear). My run tomorrow (40 minutes) will include some fast sprints at the end, which should be fun. (wait...did I just say that?)


  • the picture of the seniors catching up to you was too funny.
    thanks for the laugh :-)

    By Anonymous samandjacksgeema, at 5:56 PM  

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