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Saturday, July 23, 2005

10 miles, 125 minutes.

So I did it. TEN MILES. What better way to let you truly understand the experience than to take you with me, mile by mile.

(For those of you with limited time, scroll all the way down to the bottom of this post for the shortened version).

Mile 1: As I started out, I saw the running groups huddled together near their starting point. Although it was already 7am, they must have been waiting for some stragglers before they got started. I felt grateful for the lateness of some people as it gave me a bit of a head start. Of course they eventually caught up and passed me, but at least I had some time alone before the swarms arrived.

Mile 2: I thought that there was some sort of race going on at that time, because I saw some people with bib numbers. There weren't any signs or drink tables, though, so I am perplexed. There is one guy that I see every weekend that runs with an old bib number on. What is the deal with that? Is he trying to show people he is a racer? Is he trying to motivate himself? Is it stuck on with glue? Doesn't he wash that shirt?

Miles 3-5: The first half of the run went very well. I had a lot of energy and felt good. I switched to Run 7, walk 2, and it seemed to make the time and distance go a bit faster. I followed the packs of runners this time to make sure that I stayed on the right path. When I did my 8 mile a few weeks ago, I wanted to get away from them and took the bike path, missing the 4 mile marker and my turn-around. This time, though I made it to mile 5 and felt great.

After sending E a text message letting him know my progress and downing an energy gel while I waited for him to send back a note of encouragement, I turned and headed back north.

Mile 6: I initially felt good after I started, as I think the energy gel and the stopping for a moment had cooled me off a little.

Mile 7: Took an extended walk of about 3-4 minutes. Saw cute baby ducks swimming in the harbor. They were fluffy still and reminded me of the baby penguin I want.

Mile 8.5: the sky darkened and it starting sprinkling. I was not worried about myself getting wet or anything, but was worried for Ms. I Pod. So I took her off my armband and placed in her the protective pocket on my water belt. Then for the last mile and a half I had to run without music. It reminded me why I only run with music. I could hear myself breathe. I could hear how loud I was as my feet stomped down onto the gravel path. I had to hear people's stupid conversations in even more clarity that I do with the headphones on. "So do you think he'll call you?" "He totally better call me." Yucky. I tried to sing songs in my head, but I kept forgetting the words. I got so annoyed that I made a wrong turn near Wilson, but was able to get back on track.

Mile 9: A big soccer tournament with lots of wee soccer players was getting started. They were all so cute in their matching jerseys.

Mile 10: I managed to get in a final kick at the end and pass some slow old ladies, which made me feel good. At least I am faster than the senior citizens today!!!

Overall it was a good experience. I think that the cloud cover helped. I started the exact same time that the half-marathon is starting and I think it will be okay, provided it is similar weather. I kinda wish the half marathon was next week, because I would just like it to be over already.

The damage: the same re-occurring blisters on my bunions and in between my first and second toes (because of the way my toe turns as a result of the bunion). damn genetics. Why couldn't I get the tall gene instead of the bunion gene?

Short Version: Ran, saw people, saw ducks, it sprinkled, put i-pod away which sucked, saw cute kids, passed old ladies. Felt good.


  • Your big sister is very proud of you..

    By Blogger kikis' sister, at 12:31 PM  

  • congrats! what an accomplishment!I knew you could do it :-)

    By Anonymous your mommy, at 3:39 PM  

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