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Sunday, July 24, 2005


E and I went to Milwaukee today to the Indy Car race to see Danica Patrick. It was hot. (and I don't mean "hot" in a Paris Hilton-esque way, meaning great or fantastic). Literally, it was hot. As in 100 degrees. Heat index about 110, or so I was told.

Other observations: It was louder than I thought it would be and I thought it would be very loud. My earplugs worked well. We were too low (because we are cheap) to see the opposite side of the track, but we were right at the start/finish line, which was fun. The driver introductions were on a stage right in front of us. So was the start of the race. And so would the finish have been, had we not left early.* Once Danica was out of the race due to a crash, I lost interest and it seemingly got hotter. Luckily E agreed and we left. Plus we had a big jug of lemon-flavored Italian ice waiting in a cooler in the car. It was calling our names. All in all it was a fun experience, although I am sure that years from now I will just remember how hot it was.

An aside to the assholes that cheered when Danica crashed: I realize that seeing a woman succeed in what you believe to be a "man's sport" is threatening to you and you fear what would happen if women actually got equal rights in this country. I also realize that you are upset that you can never get as far as she has and it makes you question your own masculinity. But I would prefer if you kept your misogynistic ideology to yourself. If you need to assert your manhood/show people you have a bigger penis than you do, just go buy a sports car or something. Thanks!

*Important note: I do not leave sporting events early due to the weather. I sat through the entirety of opening day of Comerica Park in 2000 (17 below with the wind). I didn't leave when it started snowing/thunderstorming/hailing at various events over the years. I stuck it out until the end of the Michigan/Purdue football game in 1995, even though it was 5 below, not counting the wind. So you have to understand that this was hotter than anything I had ever experienced. Had we stayed for the whole race, I likely would have been sick. Just don't want ya'll thinking I am a wimp.


  • I can't believe people cheered when she crashed.
    do they do this for anyone they don't like, or is it reserved just for woman drivers?
    it sounds like it was even hotter than the Atlanta game!

    By Anonymous YM, at 6:03 AM  

  • From my more extensive knowledge of NASCAR, I know that people like to cheer when people they don't like crash (ex. Jeff Gordon). However, since she is a rookie and hasn't done anything wrong, like crashing into a leader, I deduce that the reason for their disdain is that she has been getting a lot of attention for being female.

    By Blogger Simba's Mom, at 6:54 AM  

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