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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Human Salt Lick.

I just got home from a nice run/walk with Betty. I sat down on the couch to take my socks off and Simba jumped up on the couch to say hi. He then proceeded to lick my arm. Maybe he needs more salt in his diet.

Here are the details of our lovely run/walk:
Moving Time (h:m:s) 0:38:21 12:37 pace
Distance (mi) 3.04
Moving Speed (mph) 4.7 avg. 10.6 max.

The weather today was beautiful. I can only hope for this nice of day on Sunday for the Shuffle.

I recorded some audio during the run and the next podcast should feature some conversation with Betty!! I didn't do the whole show on the run, though, because when I was running by myself, people were looking at me funny when I talked to myself. We ran down by the museums so there were a lot of tourists and I didn't want to upset them or anything


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