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Monday, June 19, 2006

Goin to the chapel...*

I hate to make this an "all-wedding" blog, so I am promise to cut down on wedding-related posts. However, I didn't really do much else this weekend, so I will have to mention some wedding tidbits. Prince E picked out and got measured for his tuxedo. He is going to look so good. My little nephew (the ringbearer) is going to match him. He is going to be adorable. We also bought our wedding rings. I just finished talking with my wedding coordinator and she seems very excited about our ideas for menu and decorations. (It sounds so hoity-toity to say wedding coordinator; she is the event planner at the place we are having the wedding, not someone we hired from the outside).

The Tigers swept the Cubs over the weekend. This made for a happy Simba's Mom and a not-so-happy Prince E (although I think he has already given up on the Cubs for this season).

We went to see The Omen. It was a very good movie, although not nearly as scary as I had hoped. A full review to come on the next podcast. We had seven commercials before the previews even started! It reminded me why we always go to the Century Theatres in Evanston: no commercials! They previewed a couple of scary movies. One of the previews made me jump. I think it was for the new version of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, although I can't remember. I like scary movies. I do not like it when the preview is scarier than the actually movie. It can be such a let down.

* I had this song in my head all day yesterday and I kept singing it. I am not sure why. I am not even going to a chapel.


  • For the next few months, the wedding is going to be a huge part of your life. I personally expect/look forward to reading about it!

    By Blogger bstab, at 9:57 AM  

  • how did ring shopping go?

    By Blogger Kiki, at 12:49 PM  

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