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Monday, August 21, 2006


My shower went splendidly. Rather than do typical shower games, we all went to a paint-your-own pottery studio and had a fun time. I am excited to see how my piece looks after they fire it and it becomes all shiny. Prince E turned out to be quite the creative artist, as his piece was the best out of everyone (although my dad with his University of Michigan colored piggybank was a close second).

The best part of the shower was a memory scrapbook that my mom and sister made for me. They had all my friends and family that could not make the shower submit a story about me for the book. Then my mom and sister added photos and stickers to the stories.

When I first opened it, I didn’t realize what it was and thought it was a photo album or something. Then my sister told me to read the first page aloud, which explained what the book was about. It started, “When I realized that many people would not be able to make your shower, I asked them to send...”

I got that far when I started to cry, realizing that all of these people had taken the time to send in their stories. It meant so much to me. There were stories from childhood, college, law school, and the present. It was great. It is definitely something I will treasure for a long time.


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