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Thursday, April 21, 2005


I had starting thinking that maybe I was becoming addicted to this blog.
Then, today, that theory proved true.
I tried to update my blog and was met with a note saying that there was scheduled maintenance for 30 minutes. Not too bad I thought. As the hour neared for the maintenance to be completed, I kept hitting refresh over and over again until, to my horror a new note appeared: the maintenance would last two hours! TWO HOURS?!! But the world needs to know about why I did not run today and I need to spread humor with my story about the muffin-making gone horribly wrong. Whatever was I going to do for TWO HOURS!?!?!
Well I survived, although I nearly started biting my nails and Simba Kitty has become quite confused wondering why I was paying so much attention to him.
As a result of this ordeal, I am exhausted. Thus, the world will have to wait a little longer for my stories of the day as I go rest on the couch. But just knowing that I COULD blog the stories if I wanted to puts me at peace.


  • once again you made me laugh :-)

    your mommy

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:35 AM  

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