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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Lost: My mind. Reward if Returned.

Not even certain that I can finish the 10k that I am scheduled to run in just 33 days, I have registered to complete a half-marathon here in Chicago this August. 13.1 miles. in August. in Chicago. As I said, I have lost my mind.
To give me added motivation, however, I have decided to join up with the American Lung Association of Metropolitan Chicago's "Run for your lungs" charity team. In exchange for agreeing to raise $500 or more in pledges, they will give me free training and other support. I really like some of the things that the organization is working on, including trying to make Chicago restaurants and bars smoke-free.
The group will eventually set me up with a website to collect on-line pledges. I will, of course, link to that here as soon as it is up and running...


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