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Friday, April 29, 2005

Does email lessen your IQ?

Check out this article from The Guardian Online.
It reports on a survey that revealed that a worker’s IQ drops about 10 points when they try to juggle reading and sending email with the other daily tasks of their job. The article reports that workers became lethargic and had trouble focusing. The study showed that email has an “addictive, drug-like grip.”

While I will, of course, admit that e-mailing can be addictive, I actually find that answering and receiving email helps my overall performance. When I reach a stressful point in my work and need a quick break, I resort to email. I think that if I tried to work steadily all day with no connection to my outside world, I would become overly stressed out and overwhelmed by my work, which often delves into the grim and heartbreaking parts of our culture. Would I be more productive without email? Probably. But at what cost to my sanity?


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