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Friday, April 22, 2005

Why I love the CTA....

If the CTA goes through with present plans to cut my bus route to work, I realize things will be 100 times worse than they are now. Which is already pretty awful. My latest experience, from this morning, for your reading pleasure...

When I went out to the bus stop it was cold. And raining. Sideways again. Damn that lake effect wind. Two buses came immediately. Not mine, of course. Then a few minutes later two more. Not me again. Then ten minutes passed and another bus came. Nope. My fingers were starting to freeze. Didn't think I would need gloves in the end of April. Then another bus came that wasn't mine (and completely empty by the way, given that it was the same route as the previous two).
Finally after 24 minutes, my bus arrived. YAY!!! I nearly elbowed the guy that tried to get on ahead of me...it pissed me off because he had just gotten to the bus stop and had not endured what I had. He didn't deserve to get on before me.

So there I was, happy and content on the nice warm bus. About halfway through the ride, though, I noticed there was a leak in the window next to my seat. The heater on the side of the bus seemed to aggravate the situation, making the rain blow more onto me as the heat was emitted. There was no way I was giving up my seat, though, because all the other seats were taken. I was not going to stand. Remembering of course that I had been standing for nearly a half hour waiting for the bus. And I hadn't even had any caffeine yet.

I put my umbrella next to the window, to block the rain that was trickling down. That worked for most of the ride, but then there was a big gust of wind or
something, because all of this water came down the inside of the window
and onto my seat underneath me.

So now I am sitting here at work with a big wet spot on my pants.


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