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Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Since I am still so honored to be on the links list over at Blonde Justice, I feel I must answer her call to complete the following questionnaire, which she got from Begging the Question.

1. What is the total volume of music you own? I have 3.43 GB on my itunes, plus another 100 CDs or so that I didn't upload onto itunes.

2. What's the last CD you bought? I can't remember the last CD that I actually bought in a store. Now I usually just download/purchase CDs or single songs from itunes. The last whole album I downloaded was The Ditty Bops.

3. What song is playing right now? No song on right now. Listening to the People's Court. Something about a security deposit.

4. What 5 songs do I listen to a lot? I have been listening to the Wicked soundtrack alot lately and particularly like "What is this feeling?" and "As Long as Your Mine," from that. I also listen to "I believe I can fly" before runs and other events that need a little inspiration (it got me through undergrad and law school). I also particularly like lately, for some odd reason, "With You" by Jessica Simpson. It is especially good when I run and sing at the same time. Lastly, I guess I would say the little jingle that they have at the beginning of the People's Court. I like it and it reminds me of Rainman.

5. What 5 people will I pose these questions to? Not even sure I even have five readers, but I will name Kiki, Mom, Chip, Betty, and Julie. Feel free to leave it in the comments if you don't have a blog.


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