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Friday, July 29, 2005

Running Survey

I don't have anything creative or interesting to report, so I am going to complete this survey, which I have seen on a couple of running blogs that I read. I am not yet cool enough to be in the in-crowd and have someone select me to complete it, but just like in junior high, that will not stop me from following the cool kids around, trying to do they are doing.

Q: What are you training for now?
Chicago Distance Classic Half Marathon on August 7.
(Eek! only nine more days!!)

Q: If you are raising money for a cause, what is it and why is that cause important to you? No. I had considered joining the Run for the Lungs team by the American Lung Association, but just never did. I guess I am just selfishly doing this for me.

Q: What is the furthest distance you've run in your training and what is the furthest distance you will run before your event?
I already had my peak training run of 10 miles. This weekend it is back down to five and then the big race is the following weekend.

Q:What is your favorite flavor of gu? (or other sports gel)
So far I have tried Apple Cinnamon and Strawberry Kiwi. They were both pretty yummy, once you get past the weird consistency.

Q: How many days a week do you run?
Three, per my official race training plan. The two runs during the week are by time (this week 40 min, 45 min) and the long weekend run is by mileage.

Q: Are you injured in any way right now? If so,what are you doing about it? Not that I know of, except for my recurring blisters. I thought I was purchasing blister blocker Band-Aids, but realized they are the healing kind, so I guess I will save those for after the run and head back to the store in search of the preventive kind. I am also NOT GETTING SICK, despite all of E's germs trying to invade me.

Q:What is one item of running clothing/gear (shoes don't count) you can't run without?
Actually, if you take out any one item from my current set-up, the stars become misaligned: Cool Max top, Champion running shorts, Champion sports bra, special socks, Asics shoes, watch, running sunglasses, i-pod armband and i-pod. (If I had to pick one it would be the bra because I can run and not hurt myself without the i-pod, but that certainly is not the case without the bra!)

Q: Do you have a talisman you are planning on taking to your event? If so, tell us! E is my lucky charm. We have yet to map out how we will meet up during the event, but usually we pick one or two spots along each course. He takes my picture and being able to see him gives me encouragement.

Q: Share one thing about yourself we don't know.
My one year running anniversary is August 12!!


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