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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Gloomy Weather

It has been cloudy/rainy for most of the weekend. Only now is the sun coming out a little...at 4pm on Sunday. Perfect. The race yesterday was okay. Not overly fun or exciting. I finished with an average time for me, but really had to struggle. There were some small hills that I was not expecting. My first mile was too fast, a big problem for me when I am in a small race. I get all swept up with the pace of the people in front of me. When I am in a large race, I start farther pack and am more likely to be with people of a similar ability. When there are only a 100 or so runners, that is more difficult to do. I ended the race with my face beat red, a sure sign I was over-doing it.

I went for my first dress-fitting yesterday. It went well and I am glad to moving along in the dress department. Did you read about how I got my dress? It was a long time ago, so if you are new to reading this blog, maybe you haven't read it. You can read it here. It is probably the most popular post I have done in terms of people arriving via search engines. It is because they are looking for photos of women without clothing. I am happy to disappoint them.


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