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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Free show at the grocery store

Yesterday I wore my (fairly) new linen pants. They are so comfy. Then I did the laundry and washed them. When the Prince came home from work, I put them back on to make a quick run to the grocery store. (The level of my Pepsi One stash was at Defcon-1). As I was walking through the aisles, the Prince said, “You have a hole in your pants!” Indeed I did. A small (about an inch) hole. Of course the pants were dark green and my, um, underthings, were light blue. Nice choice. I made the Prince walk behind me the rest of our time in the store, which really put a crimp in my plan to make him always push the cart.

I am hoping beyond hope that the washing and drying of the pants caused the hole and I did not, in fact, walk around all day at work with a hole in my pants. I am sure someone would have told me. Right? I noticed later that the whole backside area of the pants has gotten very thin and it looks like a couple more holes might form. I guess I should not have dried them on high. I did not know this. Either that or my rear has gotten too big for my britches. Let’s go with the dryer as the culprit, okay?


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