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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Celebrity Sighting!!!! Well, sort of...

Betty and I were on our 2 mile run today when we passed what appeared to be a movie set. The run sucked. It was HOT. I was miserable. (as an aside, my new sunglasses worked fabulously). We decided on the way back to stop and check out the movie set. We tried to casually walk by when we were accosted by some kind of assistant guy who told us we had to cross the street. I think he got a power trip out of it. We were instructed to stand in one of two groups on the other side of the street, so as to not be in the shot.
We knew that Sandra Bullock was in town shooting a new movie, so we thought that was probably what it was. Soon we saw a scene begin. We actually saw the scene 5 times. I am not sure what was wrong the first 4 times, because it seemed to me to be the same thing over and over again.
Scene: outside a hospital
Some guy on a gurnee is pushed out of an ambulance. A taxi pulls into the hospital. Two doctors walk across the parking lot. A woman yells out "Angelina!! Angelina!!" to a woman who I think came from the cab (couldn't see very well). The two women hug and walk off screen. People in the crowd were saying that Angelina was Sandra Bullock, but this woman was way too short and didn't look anything like Sandra, except that she had brown hair. I guess people are desperate to see celebrity and they were distorting the image in their minds. Which also explains why I am convinced the yelling lady was Margaret Cho.
I looked up on the web and Sandra's character is not named Angelina. She does play a doctor though, so it is possible it is that movie.
I should note once again that Betty was much faster than me today. I think she is on her way to becoming the real roadrunner.


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