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Friday, June 23, 2006

Recycled Dream Plot

I had a dream last night that I was running in a 5k with my brother and a little blond boy, about six years old. I think it was my younger nephew, just an older version of him. Somehow I managed to get ahead of them in the race and I was very excited to beat my brother in a race. Then I looked and noticed that I did not have my Garmin on and there was no timing chip on my shoe. I started to think that this was not so much a race, but three people just running down the sidewalk for fun. Yes, we were on a sidewalk in Chicago. And there were slow-moving tourists (which is redundant) that I had to navigate around. I got to the corner and realized that I did not know which way the race went. The course was either poorly marked, or there was no course.*

My brother and the unidentified kid caught up and I pretended that I had slowed down so we could all finish together. I could not admit that I was lost. We turned the corner and there were some balloons, which I guess was the finish line. As I crossed the line, I looked down at my shoe and was relieved that no timing chip had magically appeared, because I knew my time would not have been good.

Do any of you remember your dreams so vividly?

* This is the second "lost on a race course" dream that I have had. I think that it results from feelings of upheaval/change in my life and my mind’s fear that I will not be able to navigate through those changes. Also, my concerns about my inability to complete a specific task manifest themselves in my inability to find "the finish" of the race.


  • I do remember vivid dreams, but usually only for a few hours after I wake. Then they fade. I have to say, you seem to be on a roll with yours. I'm sure you'll be glad when the wedding's over and you can sleep soundly without all these crazy anxiety-induced situations keep creeping in. If it helps, I remember having lots of weird dreams before my wedding too.

    By Blogger Anne, at 9:33 AM  

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