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Monday, August 29, 2005

A new way of looking at things...

Thanks to Motion Based, Google Earth, and a suggestion from Prince E, I am able to transmit the information from Garmina into Google Earth.* See below.

*It looks like this is another idea copied from Shore Turtle, but it is not, I swear!


  • Hey. I took the idea from someone else's blog. I think that he used Google Earth--so you're actually plagiarizing his work. I need to connect Pablo to my computer so that I can use Google Earth too!

    I saw someone's post yesterday that used Sue and Paul’s Google maps like I use on my blog. She mapped out her 20 mile run around New York City. That's much more impressive than my 4 mile run this morning.

    You should try running in a pattern that will display on the map after the run (kind of like how crop circles can be seen from the air).

    By Blogger ShoreTurtle, at 10:15 AM  

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