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Thursday, October 06, 2005

So You Think You Can Dance Finale

As I predicted last week, Nick won. I really wanted Melody to win, but I think both she and Jamile will have no problems finding work after this. And since she was friends with Nick before the competition, I am sure he will let her visit him at the NY apartment he won.

Of course the show was an hour long, when it could have been two minutes long, but what else do you expect from Fox? I could have done without the group dance, but really enjoyed seeing the hostess (who annoyed me all season) dance. She was actually very good. The best part was when she made a joke that you never see Ryan Seacrest do anything like that. It made me like her after all.

I really have no idea how many people watch this show, but I hope they have another season of it. I think that the voters were better at picking the best contestants than on American Idol. I think it is in part because early on the judges picked who the bottom dancers were and voters could only pick from the those. Of course Blake was probably a better dancer than Nick, but he was an ass and deserved to get kicked off anyway. Melissa was probably the only mistake the voters made, but obviously it was not a perfect system.


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