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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Did my fanny pack give it away?

Prince E and I were waiting for the bus yesterday, when a man came out of the subway exit and said "hey there newlyweds." I thought it was sort of sweet, the way he could tell that we were in love, even though we weren't being smoochy-smoochy or anything. In fact, I am sure pretty sure that I had an unpleasant look on my face, because (1) I hate waiting for the bus; (2) it had just gotten really hot out; (3) the bus stop was really crowded and it should not have been for that time of the day.

After a few moments, the man approached us again and said, "Hey there. Where you newlyweds trying to go?"

Then it hit me. He didn't think we were newlyweds. He thought we were tourists. And lost tourists at that, in need of directions to Water Tower or somewhere in exchange for a few bucks.

Insulted, I snapped, "We aren't newlyweds. We live here!" He apologized and recoiled in horror at my extreme rudeness. I realize that the concepts of "newlyweds" and "tourists" aren't really mutually exclusive, but I was too irritated to make a sensible pronouncement on the matter, so that was how it came out.

I feel bad for the guy, who caught me at a bad time. Although when I am waiting for the CTA, it is always a bad time.


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