Unpublished Opinion

Saturday, July 03, 2004


Why is it that when it rains, people automatically lose about 20 IQ points? They run in front of cars, they stand under trees even though it is thunderstorming, they forget how to drive....
Rain is more fun in the country I think than the city. No cars to splash you as they race through a large puddle while you are waiting for the bus that never seems to come, because buses always disappear when it rains.
Considering they have been forcasting rain for today all week, I was surprised by the number of tourists walking around completely drenched. Then again, I think being a tourist affects your IQ too.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Avenue Q

You would think at some point, after listening to the CD for 6 weeks non-stop I would get tired of the Avenue Q soundtrack. But, nope. I daily need my fix of Kate Monster, Trekkie, Princeton, and everyone else. I find myself humming it and then I just have to play it. I really want an I-pod, but at this point it seems like it would be a waste of money considering I only listen to these few songs over and over and over again...
Is there other music out there? Could I go a day without hearing "It sucks to be me" or "For Now." I shudder to think.

You have to go after the things you want while your still in your prime....there's a fine, fine line, between love...and a waste of time.